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QHSE SolutionBD: Training Program

We can arrange training programs depending on organization need for the following training topics. For other training needs please contact our organization for a competitive price offer.

Training Topics Detail of the course Training cost in BDT Training duration (9am-5pm)
5 s Technique for improve work environment Fundamental of 5 s techniques for improved work environment. Salient feature of 5 s General scenario in Bangladesh. Technique for applying 5 s in the factory. Internal audit of 5 s in the work place. 5,000.00 2 days
KAIZEN for organizational performance Fundamental of Kaizen Kaizen tool & Techniques Kaizen Steps Some problem solving tools for kaizen implementation. Brain storming & Fish bone diagram Kaizen action plan 5,000.00 2 days
Total Quality Management Fundamentals of TQM Developing TQM culture in the organization. PDCA cycle Practicing TQM in the factory Step by Step for TQM 7,000.00 3 days
Implementing ISO 9001 QMS Fundamental of ISO 9001 Need for ISO 9001 How to implement ISO 9001 in Factory Overview of ISO 9001 : 2008 standard QMS documentation system : Basic requirement 5,000.00 2 days
5 Step problem solving technique Concept of problem solving Traditional Vs 5 step problem solving technique Identifying employee problem Use of VIPP Card Analyzing the causes Determining individual and group goal. 5,000.00 2 days
Fire safety management Fire safety basic , cause of fire Practical aspects of safe work plan , safety y and protection management Classification and hazardous materials in the workplace Storage guidelines for flammable and other hazardous materials. General safety rules in the light of Labour laws 2006 Different types of flame detector, smoke detector, fire alarms, pressurized water sprinklers. Different Types firefighting equipment and their application and inspection. Practical demonstration of Fire fighting equipments 6,000.00 3 days
Total Preventive maintenance Fundamentals of maintenance Preventive and corrective maintenance. Designing preventive maintenance system for factory operation. Spare parts and inventory control. Overview of total Productive maintenance . 25,000.00 3 days
Self managing team Self managing team fundamentals Developing self management team in a factory. Organizational preparedness for self managing team. Assessment of peoples process skills 25,000.00 3 days
Quality Circle Fundamental of quality circle Formation of Quality circle for organizational excellence. Function of facilitator, team leader , member etc Conducting QC Circle meetings QC circle presentation skills 5,000.00 2 days
Industrial Hygiene and good practices What is industrial hygiene? How to maintain workplace hygiene Good hygienic practices and productivity. Checklist to assess personal hygienic Practices. 3,000.00 1 days
Emergency and crisis management of manufacturing site /Office building Emergency preparedness Team building Preparation of site plan for emergency and crisis management . Emergency evacuation drill Preparing learning experience report. Reporting incident and crisis situation. Role of emergency and crisis team members Workshop on emergency plan . The training will cover one emergency evacuation drill discussing with site management 3000.00 1 days
Integrated HSE management How to implement HSE in your organization. Rules & Regulation and their compliance risk assessment workshop. 3000.00 1 days

Training Methodology

• Lecture
• Interactive Discussion
• PowerPoint Presentation
• Summary Sheet
• Workshop
• Group Discussion & Feedback
• Training Video